Visiting Trainers

Estelle Keating

Currently from Sherwood Oregon, Estelle travels to our barn regularly for mini dressage clinics to help our jumpers in their cross training and to further educate our dressage students - humans and horses alike. Estelle has a firm grasp on dressage methods and presents them clearly to her riders. She always goes the extra mile in providing in depth training styled to fit each partnership.

Care Acres Dressage & Working Equitation

Adrienne Raymond's goal in working with horses is to help the horse understand what is being asked of it. She does this through a series of many small steps that come together to create understanding. From these small steps more complex steps can be built. These learning steps, which include lateral and longitudinal gymnastic exercises, done both riding and in-hand, help a horse become more balanced in his body and fluid in his movements. She shows riders how to use their seat and leg aids to create activity from behind and to bring that energy forward into the hand where it can be lifted and molded. This creates a horse that is light, balanced and responsive