Our Horses


Seymour is a 16.1H 2013 blood bay Thoroughbred who was rescued from a feed lot in 2017. He is a project in training. With a calm and willing disposition, this horse is likely to go far with his scope, capacity for learning, and comfortable gaits. LEASE and SPONSOR options available to experienced riders.


Torch is a 16h Chestnut Thoroughbred, water-lovin' gelding who has competed successfully in Hunter Jumpers and can easily go 3 ft or higher. He's recently tried his hoof at eventing and took to it like a fish to water. For SALE, LEASE or SPONSOR.


Show pony extraordinaire. Rocketman is another super star, large quarter pony, who excels at teaching beginners the ropes but is fun and comfortable for all levels of rider. He is a true confidence booster. For SALE, LEASE, or SPONSOR. 


Sawyer is a 16.2 hand 2008 dark bay thoroughbred. Sawyer has performed at local shows and Pony Club rallies and certifications. He is a jumper but also really loves his dressage.  Available for LEASE or SPONSORSHIP.


Juniper is a 14.1 hand 5 year old Snowflake Appaloosa mare . She took 4th place in her very first horse trial with never having school cross country before. She is well started, still a little green, but very fun.  FOR SALE, LEASE or SPONSOR.


Watson is a 16.1h 2012 Chestnut Thoroughbred currently in training for eventing. He is an athletic people-pleaser who loves to work.  Available for partial LEASE or SPONSOR to an experienced rider.


Running with Wings
Kamaro the Mustang

He was that Unicorn, and a descendant of Pegasus, and now he flies free with his wings. He was a 7 year old Warm Springs Mustang, and a very steady school horse, who would also provide students, and me, with a gentle challenge. He was a rare gift. He always answered everything I asked of him with "yes," in his own language. He was my first Mustang. He had a heart of gold, a quietly, smoldering attitude, and a soul granted him by angels....and now he flies free with his wings. Due to a trailer accident, his life was cut way too short for such an honest beast. He lived more fully than many horses ever get the chance to though - his life was filled with camping trips, trail riding, beach riding, lessons, eventing derbies, hunter/jumper shows, pony club, running free in fields with his friends, good food, and lots and lots of hugs, kisses, and of course many, many treats. On Tuesday, September 13, 2016, he nuzzled his last few treats from my hands, as I kissed him good-bye, before he lay down to rest forevermore. RIP Kamaro. You are well loved, and we miss you ever so much.

Penny Lane

....is in my ears and in my eyes, there beneath the blue suburban skies. It was with much love and sadness that we had to kiss Ms. Penny goodbye in the Fall of 2017. Penny was a senior horse whose time had come to cross the Rainbow Bridge and join her herd mate, Kamaro. Penny was originally owned by Carol at Connie Tuor's stable, Windfall, for the majority of her life since the age of 2. We were blessed to have Penny offered to us for purchase upon Carol's retirement to be a brilliant school horse in our program. Penny was a wonderfully trained horse who was full of vitality and sassiness until the end. In her time with us, she was doted on, smothered with love, sometimes paint and costumes, and provided joy to many. She was an excellent teacher to many riding students. She is so dearly missed by all of us at Firefly and always will be.