Equestrian Vaulting

Come join a fun, athletic, and social sport. Not only will you spend time with a horse, you will also receive

an invigorating workout while having a blast!

Our coach is an experienced vaulter,

gymnast, and aerialist.


Come try something new for fitness, fun, and challenge.

Equestrian Vaulting combines dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics by individuals and teams performed to music on a moving horse. Vaulters learn balance, flexibility, coordination, discipline, creativity and teamwork while gaining strength and working in harmony with the horse.

The horse moves in a circle on a longe line and is controlled by a longeur. Vaulters begin on stationary barrels and progress to performing on the horse at the walk and trot; experienced vaulters perform at the canter.

"Is vaulting a safe sport?
Yes, vaulting is not only the safest of the equestrian sports, it is documented safer than riding bicycles, playing on playground equipment, and even playing soccer. 

Why is vaulting so safe?
The AVA's "Three Points of Vaulting Safety" is the basis for its superb safety record, and what differentiates it from other equestrian sports. It directly addresses what research cites as the major factors contributing to equestrian rider injury: 1) rider loss of control; 2) riding environment/suitability of the horse; 3) rider knowledge about safety." Citation: https://www.americanvaulting.org/safety/

If you are interested in trying Equestrian Vaulting, please call Amy at (503) 260-2695.